At Lashingout this is referred to as touch ups, you’re natural eyelashes are growing all the time and having lash extensions that are applied correctly does not stop this process from happening .

If you look after your lashes, it would be expected for you to have around 70-80 % of your lashes left in the time frame on any of the sets available from LashingOut , it is recommended to keep up the maintenance for Eg: Depending on your choice of Eye-lash Extension set, eg, the Hollywood set every 4 weeks you would come in for your touch up  appointment and would have a top-up to the original set, which is the amount of lashes and curl length and width of lash!

 Why we count our lashes at LashingOut we strive for perfection in looking the best and LashingOut delivers !! having the same amount of eyelashes on each side is important to achieve a balanced symmetrical look in appearance. An uneven amount offsets the symmetrical  look for each side of your face,  we have also different sets for different eyes shapes  as not every person’s face / eye shape suits all.  Also some have more lashes than others so would seem unfair charging $130 for the lashingout fav of 130 lashes per eye if the person only had say 80 natural lashes per eye ,


How to maintain your lash extensions

-Before & aftercare of Eyelash Extensions

-Before application please wash your hair and remove any makeup from around eyes

-after application no moisture  or heat at all for the first 24 hours eg, shower, pools..

-Keep away from steam , saunas , boiling jugs, pots etc for the first 48 hours to allow our medical grade glue to set

-After application of eyelash extensions only use oil-free make-up and keep any oils away from extensions


LashingOut recommends that you use a Eyelash Growth Enhancer  we use Pro-Lash + this product has NATURAL INGREDIENTS, it is beneficial to use with Eyelash Extensions, Pro-Lash + is available in-store, care instructions come with the product, to help you look after your lashes. 



If  using  face powders and products this can make your eyelash extensions look dull and leave a dusty residue by using   “Excellent Lash Coating Essence ” which is specifically designed for Eyelash Extensions it will give a fresh glossy  look to your extensions also designed to to help protect the life of your extensions.


Xcellent magic super mascara is specifically designed  for  Eyelash Extensions it is oil free , any products that you use with oil compromise the effectiveness of the glue , 80 % of mascara’s in retail stores have oil content.

Eye Makeup Cleanser & Protein Removing Pads -Removing eye makeup should be done with an oil free makeup remover and it is recommended that a cosmetic tissue should be used instead of facial wipes or cotton wool both of these products will catch on the lashes and the fibres will entwine around your lashes, if those fibres then get into your eye, it will be extremely uncomfortable and near on impossible to remove without affecting your extensions .

What’s a natural lash fall ,

your own natural lashes have a life cycle between 4-6 weeks, so if you see a natural lash come out with the extension still attached then this is normal, we do not recycle your lash extensions for hygiene reasons. Also after a period of time Extensions lose sum shape and would look very messy applying.